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Company African Discovery - touring & exploring is owned by Romex Tours, which includes the Lakeshore Trading 55 cc group. Romex Tours was founded by Roman Wojciechowski - a Polish immigrant who came to South Africa in 1980. Living in this country he has often been forced to spend a time in the bush. After spending many years among the local people, he learned traditions, culture and history of this interesting region and its population. In 1996, after the political transformation, he decided to share his experiences. Then the adventure began ... especially for those who are eager to experience and hungry to learn. 
Trips and tours are organized in an unusual way, and always under the motto - professionally, but with the heart of Africa. We offer our services on the complex organization of tourist trips and excursions in the southern part of the African continent: South Africa, Kingdom of Swaziland, Kingdom of Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia. Trips and tours are programmed in such a way that the client experiences unforgettable moments of thrill and even amateur photographers can take pictures equal to the National Geographic, but in a safe environment. We offer our services to travel agents, individual travelers, clubs and groups. We are proud to acknowledge that for many years we are working with world-renowned adventurer Marek Śliwka, the owner of "Logos Travel" in Poznan - Poland, which is recognized as the leading company in the Polish tourist market and Marćin Sado, young and talented manager and explorer of the company "Opal Travel in Warsaw. We also have an office in Warsaw under the name "The Natura – AET” at No 9 Dobra Street where Iwonka is able to answer any question regarding our trips and expeditions. To enter you into a world of adventure we have over 250 pictures in the galleries on our website. So please sit back in your chair and by watching it, wake up your imagination  ... soon you will be there. 
Our company has excellent logistics. We have our own transport, from 44 passenger coaches to 22, 16 and 12 passengers vans, all with air conditioning, and luxury vehicles for 2 to 5 passengers like BMW and MB. On the trip in the wilderness of Africa we have specially built off-road vehicles, 24, 12 and 5 seats that are equipped with all the necessary equipment, including tents, chairs, and tables and, most importantly, equipment for food preparation. For the trip in groups of four people we are using Toyota 4X4 Rider - A special car to go crazy in the desert and wetlands. Often we are many miles away from the nearest civilization. We always welcome participants to help us in preparing meals - some customers are finding that they have hidden culinary talents - as well as other activities such as washing the dishes that perfectly lubricates skin of the hands, or collecting firewood. Your reflexes should be fast, though scorpions and spiders – appear to be very slow, at least most of them... 
On the route you will stay in the hotels which we carefully selected using our many years’ experience. During the expeditions we spend nights in the lodges, hotels and campsites. Campsites are equipped with bathrooms, showers and toilets. South Africa offers many attractions for lovers of nature, history, adventurers and supporters of the safari, golfing, hunting, or business (we are not supporters of the hunt, but we offer help to organize it). For divers, waiting for an unforgettable experience there is a 12 months season a year with the coast, coral reef, or scuba diving with sharks. Connoisseurs will appreciate the African cuisine with European influences, which always leaves an incredible culinary experience. In southern Africa you have the opportunity to meet with the three climate zones close to the Mediterranean climate and desert.
It is up to you to choose where to go and what to see. Our offer includes the ability to organize a tour according to your wishes and fantasies. To those places, where there is any danger to be infected with such deceases as malaria, bilharzias and cholera, we "unfortunately" do not organize our trips, because your health and safety are our top priorities.
For businessmen interested in establishing business contacts, exhibitors or individuals invited to one of the exhibitions and conferences, we provide protection, safe transportation and accommodation. 
Under “Tours” section you will find our offers for a season 2010 – 2011. Note, prices for entrances may be changed without notice.
African Discovery operates in South Africa under a permit number CK00/071619/23 issued by of South African Companies Registration Office in Pretoria. Our company also has got the necessary licenses and insurance to engage in activities as a tour operator in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe. All African Discovery's vehicles are insured by Astra Brokers in Sanlam Multiplex Commercial Insurance, policy number 44/63107599331/5/M. This policy also includes liability insurance in the amount of ZAR 2 million per passenger. Our vehicles have current licenses of RSA Department of Transport and Cross-Border Road Transport Agency.